Friday, 4 December 2015

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

How to Select a First-Rate Carpet Cleaner
From the desk of: Samuel Brown 

Being in the cleaning industry for over 15 years as a former certified and licensed carpet cleaner, I have come across numerous people who do not know how to find the best carpet cleaner. Most people get stuck with the price. On the contrary, price is the least important thing when looking for a good carpet cleaner. Your carpets are an expensive investment and therefore you should be okay with spending a decent amount on their cleaning. 

Let’s see what all you need to find out before hiring a carpet cleaner: 
  1. Find out if the company is completely insured. 
  2. Check for written guarantee for the carpet cleaning service they provide. 
  3. Check for valid certification and license for the cleaners. 
  4. Find out if the company has membership of any known association. 
  5. Do find out reasons that make a cleaner different and superior from others. 
DO NOT get fooled by any impressive answers to these questions unless you see written proof with your own eyes.

People ask for my recommendation. As a person who has given 15 years of his life to this industry, I would personally recommend Marks Carpet Cleaning. 
I have done a deep research about this company and knowing their values, services, and techniques I am sure they are able to please all customers with equally splendid results. 
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Disclosing Top Secrets of Cleaning Industry 
I have spent a good amount of time doing proper research about numerous carpet cleaners and the way they work to entice more customers. Apart from making phone calls, I have been to their physical offices and had conversations with the companies to figure out that only 1 out of 29 cleaner is a genuine one. 

So how can you figure out a genuine carpet cleaner from a fake one? Here are a few tricks that leading carpet cleaners play on you – the customer – to get their work done. Keep these in mind and don’t fall for such tricks.  

Common Messy Deceptions Used by Carpet Cleaners 
1. Quote a Cheap Price. Most cleaners will give you a cheap quote for the service but once they come to your place you will be asked for various additional charges. To play safe, you must ask for an all inclusive quote for carpet cleaning.  

2. Pretend to be Certified and Licensed Cleaners. Look for authentic certified and licensed cleaners who have proper documents to prove their worth. If someone shows up at your home/office without any ID then consider them FAKE because no professional comes up without an ID! 

3. Only Verbal Guarantee. Don’t rely on verbal guarantee for a cleaning service and ask for written guarantee. You are paying a lot of money to get your carpet cleaned and you surely don’t want to regret the decision later. 

4. More Lies. Apart from these, the carpet cleaning companies can tell many lies about their services and provide fake commitments. Stay alert from lies and be wise in choosing a first rate carpet cleaning services! 

Keep the above-mentioned things in your mind and you will be able to choose the right kind of carpet cleaner for your priceless cleaners! 


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