Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Duct Cleaning Melbourne

How to Locate a Professional Duct Cleaning Company 
From the desk of: Jodie Ericksen

Are you looking for a professional duct cleaning company in Melbourne? How do you go about it? Do you choose a company on the basis of the quote provided? Or do you randomly pick any cleaner and get your ducts cleaned? 

Duct cleaning is a risky job and needs proper knowledge, training, and experience to be done without any mess. Therefore, it is important for your safety to find a professional and experienced duct cleaner for your commercial and residential ducts. Being a former licensed and certified duct cleaner for over a decade, I am sharing this article to shed some light on the facts one needs to understand while looking for a professional duct cleaner in Melbourne. 
First things first... Following are some questions you need to ask a cleaner before you hire them: 
  1. What is the experience of the company in the cleaning industry?
  2. Do they hold membership of NADCA? 
  3. Are they capable of handling any faults in duct parts? 
  4. Can they clean all makes and models of ducts?
  5. Will you get written guarantee for duct cleaning? 
  6. Can they provide referrals from their customers? 
  7. Do they offer insured and bonded duct cleaning services? 
Answers to all these questions are very important. Once you are satisfied with them, you can think of choosing a specific duct cleaning company.

I have rich experience in this industry as I have served as a licensed and certified duct cleaner for more than a decade. People often ask about my personal recommendation and I always suggest Marks Duct Cleaning Melbourne. It is one of the most reliable duct cleaning company in Melbourne. With their ample experience, thorough professionalism, and dedication towards customer satisfaction, you will never be left unsatisfied with their services. 
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Real Picture of Duct Cleaners 
The following article reveals some bare truths about the cleaning industry and tricks employed by cleaners to hook customers:  

1. Suspicious Daily Deals 
Look at every daily deal with suspicion and you could end up saving yourself from trouble. Instead of falling for a tempting deal, first ask about the details and then only go for it. 

2. Common Rip-Offs
Most common rip off is to advertise for “whole-house” cleaning service at a very cheap price. Once you opt for such a service, you will be shocked to know what additional charges you have to pay. So ask before you hire! 

3. No Written Guarantee 
If you don’t get a written guarantee from a company, don’t get your ducts cleaned from them. No written guarantee means no guarantee at all. 

4. No Reliable Cleaners  
If a company is unable to produce proof for the license and certification of their duct cleaners then they probably don’t have licensed cleaners at all. So, do not ever hire a company with cleaners having no license or certification to do the job. 
These are some of the things you need to ask a duct cleaning company before making your decision. Also find out how a company deals with unsatisfied customers and this will give you a better view of their customer service!  


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